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Why are we outchea bad, normalizing infidelity


Side chick
Side piece
Main ho and side hos
Trust no thotties
Hall pass
We don’t love them hoes
Fuck bitches get $
His main chick ain’t got shit on me
My side chick my new chick cuz my main chick ain’t feelin me no mo

Reinforcing cheater culture
Eroding the pathways that lead to the creation of strong black family
slow march into oblivion

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Little white teen stabs up his high school in PA

CNN: What is troubling this young man? His family isn’t dysfunctional.
Me: (0_o) 

Little black teen stabs one student in an altercation where he felt threatened

CNN: we have reason to suspect that this student was a delinquent in school, from a trouble home and involved in gang activity as was supported by raiding his home, arresting his parents and going through his social media accounts. 

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